Monday, April 4, 2016

Tasmanian Beers and Cider!

We are a stone's throw from the historic hop fields at Bushy Park.  We grow grain, hops & raise our herd of Black Angus/Wagyu cattle.  We are farmers brewing farmhouse ales & ciders in unique batches using farm grown ingredients from our own 600ha property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania as well as ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the state.  Barrel aging, spontaneous fermentations, experimentation and everything in between. Fruit in ale, sour cherries and more.

Ashley Huntington
Owner, Farmer & Brewer

With an organic chemistry degree, diploma in winemaking and a decade working in the wine industry, much of it as director and senior winemaker of the BRL Hardy owned Domaine de la Baume in the Languedoc region of France, Ashley single handedly manages the farm & brews all our farmhouse ale and cider.  Describing himself as brewing on the 'lunatic fringe', he is the height behind the name of the company.

Two Metre Tall Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale...$8.49 / 500ml 
Naturally Soured
5.1% alc vol
The Derwent Region with the mighty Derwent River is our home. It is also the home & birthplace of the Australian hop industry and has an excellent climate for growing grain. This ale gets it all ... our own farm grown hops, and Tasmanian grown spelt - the most unusual, most flavoursome grain on the planet - and our very own indigenous souring organisms. It is an utterly unique beer.

This is a NATURALLY SOURED ALE. The current brew has been made using fresh whole hop flowers - only possible once a year! Features farm grown raw ingredients. The spelt, barley and rare, aromatic hops are from both our own and other carefully selected farms along the Derwent River Valley. Using the indigenous micro flora present on the grain, we encourage a 36-hour lactic fermentation of the wort prior to inoculation with selected yeast. The rarity of individual ingredients, coupled with the very specialised brewing technique leads to an exceptionally unique brew of unparalleled regional character.

Two Metre Tall Huon Dark Apple Ale...$8.49 / 500ml      
6.5% alc vol
The Huon region directly south of Hobart is where Tasmania earnt the reputation as the 'Apple Isle'.
But apples in a beer?
Wanting acidity to 'freshen' the beer and increase its drinkability and capacity to cellar, we thought apples would be best applied to the strong flavours of dark ales. The result is well worth discovery. It is our 'red wine' of ale and we recommend it be served in a wine glass, at room temperature with the meat dishes and cheeses normally accompanying such wines.
Our Huon Dark Apple Ale starts as a rich and robust dark ale fermented with brewer’s yeast. We then add up to 25% whole apple juice from Tasmania’s pristine Huon Valley (or “Apple-HQ” as we like to call it!) and re-ferment with a selected champagne yeast. Extended tank maturation pre-bottling, a third fermentation in bottle and, preferably, months of bottle-age completes a very individual ale of extremely complex character. This ale truly is a ‘uniquely Tasmanian experience’ and can be enjoyed now or will reward cellaring by developing more complexity with age. 

Two Meter Tall Tasmanian Wild Ale....$5.99 / 375ml
“It is Two Metre Tall. It is Tasmanian. It is Tasmanian grown ingredients – either grown by us, or sourced directly from Tasmanian farmers.  But it wouldn’t be Two Metre Tall if there wasn’t a twist!  Tasmanian Wild Ale is clean, crisp, aromatic and flavorsome on release. The ale will, after 3 to 4 months in bottle (when the primary characteristics begin to fade), take on a lovely, light, fresh citrus acidity which will keep the product fresh, bright and “Cleansing” through many more months of ageing.”  Tasmanian Wild Ale is called Cleansing Ale in Australia.

Two Metre Tall Huon Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider...$9.99 / 500ml
When we discovered the Griggs family at Lucaston Orchards in the Huon Valley were still growing the famous old English cider variety, Sturmer Pippin that was all the motivation we needed to produce a traditional, unfiltered, bottle fermented farmhouse cider made using only apples and yeast.  Tasmania is the ‘Apple Isle’ & the Griggs family have been growing apples at Lucaston in the Huon Valley for four generations. As the last remaining orchardists in the region to juice their fruit on farm they are the ideal source of apples for our real cider. Exclusively using the very rare, exceptionally flavoured, high-acid and very late-picked Sturmer Pippin apple our Apple Cider is fermented to complete dryness. Remember, you can always sweeten a dry cider, but you cannot dry a sweet cider … so buy naturally dry ciders and sweeten to taste as apple cider truly is one of the few beverages for all occasions. Our cider uses 100% whole, tree-ripened apples (rarer than you might think!!), no additives (NO Sulphur Dioxide!!), no filtration, no added water … nothing but the goodness of apples from Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley! 7.5% alc. vol.

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