Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Cadenhead Single Malt Scotches

Cadenhead Glen Grant-Glenlivet 16 Year Old...$117.99
54.1% ABV
Nose: Both candied and stewed fruits, bubble gum.
Palate: Vanilla cheesecake, caramel shortbread, victoria sponge.
Finish: Short and dry - coco butter.
Distillery Note: Traditionally Glen Grant produces a light style of whisky, despite having a relatively short fermentation time. The distillery was the first distillery to have electric light when it was installed in 1861.

Cadenhead Mortlach 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch....$129.99
Nose: Fragrant; lavender, apple strudel, pear drops.
Palate: Poached pairs with vanilla ice cream, dried apricots.
Finish: Short-medium finish, dry roasted nuts.
Distillery Note: The first distillery to become legal in Dufftown. The distillery uses a partial triple distillation process using “the Wee Witchy Still” in every run. The distillery uses traditional worm tubs to condense the spirit

Cadenhead Auchentoshan 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch....$94.99
53.4% ABV
Nose: Banana milkshake, lemon zest, marmalade, gooseberry.
Palate: Light body, ginger, spice, malt, creme brulee.
Finish: Medium dry finish with pepper and lemongrass.
Distillery Note: Often wrongly described as being the only triple distilled whisky in Scotland however Hazelburn is also made using triple distillation.

Cadenhead Benriach-Glenlivet 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch....$124.99
46.5% ABV
WM Cadenhead Ltd focuses on bottling only the finest whiskies in their natural state without the addition of coloring or altered by chill filtration. There will be two ranges of whiskies released by WM Cadenhead to appeal to all whisky drinkers; the first will be single cask, cask strength whiskies and the second will be a range of whiskeys bottled at 46% ABV which will be bottled in small batches between 1 and 3 casks per bottling.

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