Thursday, April 7, 2016

BRC - Random Pop up

Our Random Pop up has been a great success.  We started at the beginning of March and since then over 20 people have scored an allocated beer like Side Project Merci.

We randomly generate names from our BRC list. When you check out at our register a message will pop up to our cashier that will say something like you can purchase a bottle of Side Project Merci or some other limited beer if you like. It might also say you qualified for a free T-Shirt, hat, or other beer related item from our box of goodies.   You might win tickets to the VIP session of our Beer Fest.....
It might say you qualified for an extra bottle of the next BRC release. We will play with the system and have fun with it. Thanks.

I added 1 random person that will say "Golden Ticket".  If this pops up when you check out.  You can choose what beer you want that has not been released.  When I post a release is coming you must email me before the release saying you want to buy that beer.  Could be Cantillon FouFoune, the next Side Project release we get or then next Barrel Aged 2nd Shift, or KBS, Goose Island BCS.....I will just need notice before I send out BRC emails for that release.   

Good Luck.

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Anonymous said...

How many people are in the BRC?

Paul Hayden said...

Not 100% sure, but 1200-1500

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Dang... Thank you