Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Great buy on this white Bordeaux

Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers White Bordeaux....$9.99
Château Bonnet welcomes all wine lovers into the luxurious world of Bordeaux.

Very Sauvignon, this wine of André Lurton at an affordable price, is an example of "everyday wine": succulent aromas of pear and tropical fruit, nervous and expressive on the palate, clean finish and well-defined . Intelligent, vibrant easy to drink yet.
It offers the best of both “Old” and “New” worlds. It is château grown and bottled in the legendary “terroir” of Bordeaux, France by famed producer André Lurton. Moreover, all of Château Bonnets are sealed by a screw-cap, making them easy to close, store, and travel with. With its approachable taste profile and modern packaging, Château Bonnet is a high quality, accessible wine.  André Lurton is one of the top three land holders in Bordeaux. Château Bonnet is the largest estate in the region, and André Lurton’s number one brand in the United States.

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