Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cheese Features

Forsyth location cheese feature:
Bad Axe is made by Hidden Springs Creamery.:
Bad Axe cheese is named after a river near the farm that was the original site of the 1832 Battle of Bad Axe. Aged for 60 days, and then dipped into wax to help retain moisture, Bad axe has a pure, creamy white paste and floral aroma. Flavors are of fresh milk with a tart and a lingering tang. The cheese slightly resembles a fresh mozzarella with its taste and smooth texture.
Pairs beatifuly with your/our favorite Rose 2015 Commandarie de Bargemone Rose

New Ballas Cheese Feature
Cut fresh to order, come ask for a taste.
Old Amsterdam Cheese
The story of Old Amsterdam is a tale of passion and dedication. This characteristic cheese has its origins at the end of the nineteenth century, when a quest for the rich, authentic flavour of yore would lead to one of the best-loved cheese products ever made.
Lambert started experimenting with his own recipes. However, it proved difficult to get the taste and quality just right. Luckily the family refused to give up, and after years of perseverance and experimentation they finally discovered the unique lactic acid and special maturation process that brings the specific character of this mature cheese to life. The exact recipe is a well-guarded family secret
This special cheese was given a special name: Old Amsterdam. The word old relates to the mature flavour but also to the traditional character of the cheese, whereas the use of English is a proud declaration of the export quality of the cheese. The conspicuous black rind was chosen to emphasise the timeless character of the cheese.

Rock Hill location cheese feature:
Fourme d'Ambert Blue
Fourme d'Ambert is a creamy cheese with a delicate fruity flavor and mushroom overtones.
It has a thin, yellowish rind mottled with sandy molds. Its interior is bone white with distinctive bluing.  Although its scent is very earthy, Fourme d'Ambert has a creamy, mild flavor with a slight nutty finish. The paste is both soft and smooth.  The semi-hard cheese is inoculated with Penicillium, but a less spicy blue mold than that of its cousin, Roquefort, then set to rest in a cave for a minimum of 2 months.  The result of this ageing is it magically transformations into a velvety mouth feel full of sweet cream and an earthy, mushroom roundness that will convert even the staunchest blue cheese hater. One of France's oldest cheeses, Fourme d'Ambert dates from as far back as Roman times. Legend says that Fourme d'Ambert was already made at the time of the Druids and the Gauls. "Fourme" is the old French word for cheese from the Latin name "forma", and describes its cylindrical shape.

Ballwin Cheese Feature:
Each store carries a different selection come check it out and ask for free taste. Everything is cut fresh to order. Bucheron Aged ChevreFrance Goat Milk Cheese
Covered in bloomy white mold, this aged, chalky goat's cheese slowly transforms during ripening. Edges become glossy and runny while center remains chalky until ripened. Full sharp flavor softens with age

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