Friday, April 15, 2016

New Missouri Vodka

Restless Spirits Duffy's Run Small Batch Vodka...$21.99

90 proof

From Kansas City Missouri
A good Irishman never shies from hard work or a quality spirit, and the 57 who laid the tracks of the famous Duffy’s Cut are no exception. They stopped at nothing to complete their treacherous task, and now, almost two centuries later, we’ve put the same dedication into our hard-working vodka. In every way, it is inspired by the machines and men who kept our nation moving forward.
Every bit as smooth as those boys were tough, this unique vodka features a whisker of sweetness and a hare of 90-proof warmth. This hard-working spirit never fails to complete your favorite cocktail, shot or glass of ice perfectly.

Restless Spirits Builder's Gin...$27.99
Our Irish immigrant ancestors have taught us that you can’t build anything that will stand the test of time without a strong foundation. That’s why our unique, hand-crafted gin is made from only the best ingredients around.
With the perfect amount of lavender, citrus and herbaceous flavors — Builders Botanical Gin can be enjoyed even if you are not a “Gin Drinker.” We believe we crafted one hell of a spirit with layers of flavor — proving that in the heartland, Character Runs Deep.

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