Saturday, April 16, 2016

Leopold's Gin

Leopold's American Small Batch Gin....$29.99
40% Alc. by Vol. 80 Proof
Most gins are made by simultaneously distilling juniper and other botanicals within the same still. However when boiled together, certain botanicals are overworked, resulting in the extraction of tannin-like flavors which dry out the gin, while other flavors are not fully realized. We distill each botanical: juniper, coriander, pummelos, orris root, Valencia oranges, and more, separately to bring out only the purest flavors and aromas to be blended together for a softer and brighter spirit.
"Best American Gin" -The Wall Street Journal
"...the pioneers of the American small batch gin..." -Gizmodo
Gold Medal, International World Spirits

Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin...$35.99
57% Alc. by Vol. 114 Proof
When making a version of this maritime classic,
we distill each component, including juniper and
Bergamot, individually before bringing them together, creating a bold, and aromatic gin that will shine in any mixed drink. The term navy strength was bestowed by the British Royal Navy only on those gins high enough in proof to still render gunpowder flammable should it be drenched by the spirit. Today, the hearty flavor and higher proof makes this an American gin that does not get lost in a Gin & Tonic.
Gold Medal (92 Points), Beverage Tasting Institute
Winner, Good Food Awards 2013

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