Saturday, April 16, 2016

Leopold Brothers from Colorado

Leopold Bros. Aperitivo...$29.99
24% Alc. by Vol. 48 Proof
In line with the traditional Italian style, the spirit centers around major flavor components: bitterness from gentian root and sweetness from cane sugar. Citrus is the third major component, so we add distilled coriander and grapefruit peels to give Leopold Bros. Aperitivo a bright, citrus aroma. We mix these components with a variety of fragrant flowering botanicals, including hyssop and Artemsia pontica.
We color the cordial with natural cochineal, which adds the vibrant red color that one expects from a traditional Aperitivo as it has been used in spirits for hundreds of years. Leopold Bros. Aperitivo makes the ideal Negroni with our Leopold’s Navy Strength American Gin.

Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur...$29.99
30% Alc. by Vol. 60 Proof
In the tradition of fruit brandies, we start by macerating and fermenting small Marasca cherries from Croatia and distill the resulting cherry mash. We then add coriander and Montmorency cherry distillate and sweeten the blend with honey to create a soft and subtle liqueur with mild almond-like notes that are derived from the cherry pits. You will find the beauty of this liqueur in the nose when it adding it to classic cocktails.
Winner, Good Food Awards 2012

Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur....$29.99
20% Alc. by Vol. 40 Proof
Created from one-of-a-kind Montmorency cherries, Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur brings something new to classic cocktails like Manhattans, Singapore Slings, and Gin & Tonics. While most cherries are categorized as sweet or tart, Montmorency cherries maintain a unique balance between the two flavors that is not found in any other varietal. The result is a versatile liqueur with exceptional flavor in both cocktails and cooking.
  • Gold Medal (91 Points), Beverage Tasting Institute
  • Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Winner, Good Food Awards 2012

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