Monday, March 31, 2014

Online reservations on beer...

Just a reminder on how the online reservations work....these are some points and questions that always come up when we do the online fast reservation...

I will post a link to reserve the beer on the blog when it arrives -(such as KBS tomorrow).  There will also be a notification on Twitter and Facebook with a link.  Follow the link and try to reserve the beer.

  • Make sure you have an account set up on our website. (  You do not have time to set up the account tomorrow when it comes in and fill in all the info.  Be signed into our website also in the morning to be ready.
  • To slow people down, I have been posting the beer release under not so obvious name to avoid people from constantly refreshing on our website "KBS"  for speed.  Make sure you follow the link on the blog to get to the beer.
  • If it is a pick up order, you do not need to enter a credit card.  This will also save you time.

After I post the link, it usually goes fast...
  • Just getting an order in is no guarantee
  • Wait for a confirmation - could take a few minutes
  • If you hit the link and the beer does not appear, that means it sold out already.  This always confuses people.
  • If you have it in your cart and it will not let you check out, that means I turned it off and it is sold out before you hit the final order button. - this one always upsets people also.
  • Many of these only take a few minutes to sell out.
  • We have tried many methods, and this one still seems to be the fairest. 
  • We know some people cannot get internet access during business hours, but if we just put it on the shelf, it would still be an issue if you are stuck at work. 
  • You have 7 days to pick up your beer, or it goes back out for sale without warning.  Sometimes I will send a friendly reminder tweet that it is the last day to pick up.

We will continue to try to mix up the releases with different methods to give different people a chance to get the beers.
  • In store pick up only
  • Online reservations
  • Might just announce release on Twitter only
  • Might just announce release on Facebook only
  • Might just announce release via Beer Email only
  • Also, might not announce a release and just throw some on the shelf with out notice of their arrival to reward regular shoppers.
Important note: Many regulars have found out that you will sometimes find left over goodies on the shelf. When I do the online reservations, it happens so fast and furious that I have to turn it off guessing when it is all sold out. Sometimes, I end up with a little extra. I don't announce it, I just put it on the shelf a few days later for people to find. Don't come asking at the store, you will just have to find them on the shelf.   

Good luck tomorrow!

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