Saturday, March 29, 2014

Awesome White Burgundy!!

This is an awesome bargain for Burgundy.  Chardonnay from the town of Chardonnay.  Un-oaked  with a great richness balanced with minerality.

2012 "LMB" La Mere Boiter Macon Chardonnay...$16.99
Tasting Notes: This is a classic example of Chardonnay from the Mâcon region of France. Since this wine is from the northernmost cru of the appellation, it tends to have a bit more weight to it than its more southern counterparts. The nose however, is delicate with subtle apple and pear notes. In the mouth the wine is simultaneously rich and mineral. Hints of peach and apricot fruit mix with citrus fruit flavors to produce a beautifully balanced Chardonnay. While nice on its own as an aperitif, this wine is also a great match for light hors d’oeuvres, poultry, and fish dishes, like skate, and scallops

La Mère Boitier, takes its name from the  highest peak in a small, regional mountain chain.  This chain is, in part, responsible for the favorable micro-climate that exists in the Mâcon wine region of Burgundy.  This is a magnificent area that is capable of producing some of the finest examples of crisp, balanced Chardonnay.  The Chardonnay grapes used to produce La Mère Boitier come from the town of Chardonnay, one of the northern-most vineyards in the Mâconnais.  The town of Chardonnay, has long been famous for bearing the same name as the grape.  However, it has been lost to history whether the town was named after the grape, or the grape was named after the town.   Regardless of the origins of the name, this is clearly a great terroir for the grape Chardonnay.  
Chardonnay from Chardonnay is rich, but balanced by a beautiful, bright minerality. The combination of these northern terroirs and state-of-the-art winemaking produce a complex and elegant Mâcon-Villages that is a pure expression of Chardonnay from this region of Burgundy. The sole intention is to produce a reasonably priced wine, with a great deal of finesse and complexity. The La Mère Boitier Macon-Chardonnay is un-oaked, preserving the pure, elegant, fruit flavors that built the reputation of this great wine region.

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