Thursday, April 3, 2014

2nd Shift LSD with Blueprint Coffee Volume II

2nd Shift LSD with Blueprint Coffee...$14.99 / 750ml
Son of a...Blueprint did it again with the coffee.  So this time we used Karimikui which comes from the Kirinyaga District of Kenya.  We bottles 45 cases this go around, you lucky pig knuckle." - label

Blueprint - KARIMIKUI 
It’s quite remarkable that such singularly delicious lots of coffee come from all over Kenya. Our second offering, Karimikui, differs greatly from our first, yet both are exceptionally tasty. The washing station of Karimikui is located in the Kirinyaga District. It is one of the three washing stations operated by the Rung’eto cooperative. This specific lot is AA Top, meaning it has met the highest sorting standards in Kenya. It is shade-grown and made up of only the SL28 variety. The sample we first tasted stood out to us because of its tart lime brightness and cherry sweetness. In October, this coffee helped advance Kevin Reddy to third place in the SCAA South Central Brewer’s Cup and Nora Brady to sixth in the SCAA South Central Barista Competition.

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