Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pellegrino Amaro

Pellegrino Amaro di Erbe Siciliane ....$23.99
A classic Italian digestive liqueur, an Amaro (bitter in Italian) is a bittersweet, herb-infused fortified wine, which ranges in strength 15% to 40% in alcohol content. While bitter digestive liqueurs are produced across Europe and the world over, an Amaro denotes those originating in Italy. In Italy, Amari are traditionally served as an after-dinner drink, but Italian Amari are increasingly employed in a variety classic and innovative cocktails.

Pellegrino Amaro, whose alcohol content is 19%, has been produced and distilled in the province of Trapani in northwest Sicily by the Pellegrino family, an independent wine, bitters and spirits firm that dates back 130 years.

Pellegrino Amaro is produced from a carefully selected blend of Sicilian herbs and then blended with distilled wine sourced exclusively grapes grown in the island’s Marsala Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (DOC). The resulting Amaro is aged more than five years in Slovenian oak casks ranging in size from 1,300-2,100 gallons.

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