Sunday, March 20, 2022

Boulevard Brewing Proper Pour Barrel Aged Stout

We only received 1 case- and some found it on the shelf Friday - so not much left - 
2 bottles per person at this point

In stock at Forsyth now, online for transfers

sold out already, of course


Boulevard Brewing Proper Pour Barrel Aged Stout....$4.39 / 12oz bottle
The most sophisticated way to enjoy Port wine is straight up, or “neat,” in a proper port glass. The same rule applies to whiskey. But what about an imperial stout that’s been aged rst in bourbon barrels, and then aged a second time in Ruby Port wine barrels? We believe that straight from the bottle into a glass is the most Proper Pour.

Proper Pour spent 6 months in Ruby Port barrels that had been used at a distillery to age rye whiskey for 3 months. Because Ruby Port is a full-bodied, super sweet dessert wine, the rye that was finished in the port barrels isn’t super prevalent in the final beer, and that’s what the brewers were counting on.

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