Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Toppling Goliath

Toppling Goliath Brewing Camp Shandy Shore Lemon Beer....$11.99 / 4pk 16oz
Sun on your skin, fresh air, and a crisp beer in hand. Camp Shandy Shore Lemon Beer is the perfect addition to all of your summer plans

Fresh Batch - canned 2/25
Toppling Goliath Pompeii IPA....$9.99 / 4pk 16oz
India Pale Ale – 6.2% ABV • 50 IBU
This IPA is created with the same attention to detail as the beautiful mosaics that graced the walls of prominent buildings in the city of Pompeii. It features mango and pineapple hop flavors with a medium-body feel to tantalize the senses.

Fresh Batch - canned 2/25
Toppling Goliath King Sue...$16.99 / 4pk 16oz
Double India Pale Ale – 7.8% ABV • 100+ IBU
This lusciously hazy double IPA gains its hints of mango, orange, and pineapple from the use of the delicious Citra hop.

Toppling Goliath Think Piece Double IPA...$17.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
A Collaboration with Untitled Art
Here’s a thought to ponder; what becomes when two craft breweries cogitate, collaborate & create utilizing hops, water, malt, and yeast? thought-provoking DIPA masterpiece that will paint your palate with strokes of Citra, Riwaka & Sabro hops.
Double India Pale Ale:  7.9% ABV
Featured hops: citra, Riwaka & Sabro hops.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Pseudo Hard Seltzer...$17.99 / 12pk mix cans
Bringing refreshment to new heights with vibrant fruit flavors and a crisp finish. No matter the location, the destination is always fun with Pseudo Seltzer. Pick up a 12-pack mix pack featuring Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, and Watermelon.
Zero Carbs
90 Calories
4.5% ABV

Toppling Goliath Dragon Fandango...$5.99 / 16oz can
Toppling Goliath Dragon Fandango...$21.99 / 4pk cans

Join the dragon in a dance to celebrate this unique kettle sour, blended with dragon fruit, mango and passion fruit puree. Named Dragon due to the use of Dragon Fruit, and Fandango after the dance of South America where Dragon Fruit originates from. Dragon Fandango is both fruity and tart with a dry finish. Raise a glass, dance the Fandango and celebrate the magic of these tropical fruits.

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