Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Side Project TWCP 2020 Derivation

A beer four years in the making!!!!
This could be the best thing to happen in this insane year called 2020!

Many saw the label get approved and started losing it!
It is true - this beer exists and it is coming to The Wine and Cheese Place!

Thanks to Cory, Karen and the Side Project family!

Side Project TWCP 2020 Derivation
" off blend of Double Barrel Derivations was brewed in 2016 and aged in TWCP store pick bourbon barrels. We then finished the mature BA stout in Willett Bourbon and VSOP Cognac barrels for another aging before selecting a final blend that exemplifies the Derivation name"

Only information we can give you now is what is on the label!

Stay tuned for more info and release info.

It will go through our BRC for sure, not sure the details yet.

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