Monday, August 12, 2019

Lapierre Morgon

2018 Lapierre Morgon...$29.98
One of the best Morgon wines each year.  A store favorite each time we get in our allocation.   Do not wait until the score comes out!
  • Organic
  • Natural Wine
  • Lapierre is considered by many to be the father of Natural Wines. 

A genuine expression of a “terroir”, natural wine is a 100% pure grape wine, from the vineyard to the cellar it has been guided and developed without any chemical additives. Compared with so called 'technological' wines, natural wines are more alive with subtle characters and aromas.
More than an organic wine, that only certifies that the grapes have been grown organically, a natural wine is the guarantee that the vines have been grown organically and the juice has been elaborated free synthetic products.

Certified organic by Ecocert
• Old-vines with naturally low yields
• Organic farming used to stimulate the natural immune system of the vine
• Manually harvested, as late as possible to achieve maximum ripeness
• Rigorous sorting of the grapes
• Indigenous yeasts only
• Whole cluster fermentation à l’ancienne, maintained at low temperatures ; lasts for ten to twenty days
• Wines aged on fine lees in old Burgundy barrels (from third to thirteenth passage)
• Wines are bottled unfiltered

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