Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Libertine Brewing - some returning and some new

Libertine Brewing Central Coast Saison  $16.99
“Our Saison is crisp and funky, allowing the wild brettanomyces (Wild Yeast) to dry it out. Dry-hopped with Lemon Drop and Boadicia, this is the perfect San Luis Obispo hot summer beer.”
6% ABV Saison

Libertine Brewing Wild IPA...$16.99
“A heavily dry-hopped beer, this unique take on an IPA will expand your perception of the category. Using our unique brewing and open fermentation techniques, but taking the majority of the hopping to the final part of the process, you are left with a very funky, yet hoppy, floral beer that showcases the hops’ aromas instead of their bittering qualities.”
7% ABV

Libertine Brewing Jove...$17.99
We took our Gose and aged it in oak barrels along with a ridiculous amount of blackberries. Extremely fruit forward while still being very dry with a good amount of acidity. Originally made for one of our favorite beer bars, Jupiter, in Berkeley and named after the latin translation of Jupiter, it turned out so amazing we couldn’t not make more.
6% abv

Libertine Brewing 1234 Broad Street...$16.99
“1234 Broad Street is not just our brewery address, it’s also the name of our Biere de Garde. A rich copper color with malt forward flavors and a tart fruity finish, this is the closest thing to a house beer as we get. Only available on draft at our two locations (Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo). This is a must-try while visiting.”
7.1% Biere de Garde

Libertine Brewing Edna Saison...$13.99 / 750ml
Our table saison is named after Edna Valley the amazing wine region just southeast of our brewery in SLO. We couldn’t think of a better beer to pair with a sunny summer afternoon picnicking and tasting through the wines of Edna Valley. Light in color and abv this is a great respite from the delicious pinot and chardonnays the valley is known for. We dry hop this delicious, funky farmhouse ale with tons of varying hop varieties to give huge amounts of hop floral aroma without the bitterness. This wild ale is very complex with hints of oak, lemon, fresh cut grass, pepper, and melon, don’t let the low abv and light color fool ya.
4% abv

Libertine Pacific Ocean Blue Gose...$16.99 / 750ml

Our Gose recipe has changed many times over the years but the one constant is the use of our local sea water for the salt additions. This tart and slightly salty golden ale is a brewery favorite and truly gives you a taste of our Central Coast region in a glass.  We'll match you on a $1 donation from each bottle sold. We'll donate the $2 from each bottle to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Libertine Aubree Rye Saison...$16.99 / 750ml
Just like the girl this beer was named after, our rye saison is sassy, spicy, with a hint of red and lots of complexity. Very dry, and spicy from the rye malt, this beer is a great everyday drinker and an awesome BBQ beer for the summer months.

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