Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Brand Cask

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Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Brand Cask...$99.99
The Woodford Reserve Master’s collection Brandy Cask Finish is the latest and 11threlease in the series. As the first whiskey to be finished in an American brandy cask, this new expression is yet another product of Woodford Reserve’s continued appreciation and commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.

Brandy, a spirit distilled from wine or fruit, is often aged in oak barrels. These may be used a number of times because Brandy does not have the new, charred barrel requirement that our Kentucky Bourbon does. Finishing fully matured Woodford Reserve in these barrels does not add any new flavors to the whiskey, but instead accentuates Woodford Reserve’s rich dried fruit and nut characteristics that come from our grain recipe and long fermentation process.


Anonymous said...

Is it any good? I thought it was an allocated whiskey. No one wants it. I bought a bottle and it's wonderful.
Anything by WR is good. The Double Oak is great too

Paul Hayden said...

I never got a chance to try it. It was allocated to us last year. But they asked if we wanted more and we said we would take all they had.