Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Schlafly Proper Cider assorted pack

Schlafly Proper Cider...$16.99 / 4pk Pints
Includes 4 bottles  - 1 of each

  • Proper Vintage Cask Cider: Grown, pressed, and bottled in Devonshire, England, this is a rich and powerful style improved by agin ina 100-year old mighty oak vat where it develops complexity adn depth
  • Proper Scrumpy Cider:  A definitively proper cider fermented from fresh apple juice and wild yeasts, Scrumpy is lightly carbonated and slightly cloudy, with a medium body and full flavor.
  • Proper Dry Hopped Cider:  For a little body and boos of unexpected flavor, we dry hop this sparkling cider with Ella hops from Australia, elevating the apple's naturally pleasant profile.
  • Proper Raspberry Cider:  Delicate and blushing pink, this cask cider boasts the slight tartness of ripe raspberries, a pleasing citrus kick, and a rounded sweetness.

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