Monday, July 18, 2016

Four Roses visit to pick some barrels....

Headed to Kentucky and Bourbon Country this weekend to pick some new Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbons for our stores.

Got a chance to taste the Four Roses Elliot's Select!  We are still waiting to get our allocation.

Four Roses Distillery

Current Bottling line

Got a tour of the new state of the art facility that is currently being built.

Some Barrels getting dumped to become their "Small Batch"

One of the rickhouses with about 24,000 barrels stored

Drawing some bourbon from the barrels to taste

This his how you sign a contract in Bourbon Country, right on the barrel.

Was able to convince them to sell us two barrels.  I felt two of the barrels were superior.
They will be bottled in September and delivered to us.  

The chosen barrels....
8yr 10 month OESK
9yr 4 month OBSQ

Also visited Jim Beam , did not pick barrels, just a quick tour and lunch before I left.


Anonymous said...

Those look like fantastic picks!
Two of my favorite recipes.
Great "work"!

Anonymous said...

Did you pick up the 3 bottles your gonna get allocated to you?