Friday, July 17, 2015

Ardbeg Perpetuum

Ardbeg Perpetuum Single Malt Scotch....$102.99
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A never-ending, rich and enticing combination of classic Ardbeggian notes and incredibly creamy flavours.

Its incredible balance… its complexity... its peaty perfection... The reasons we love Ardbeg are endless. So it’s fitting that the name of our Ardbeg Day 2015 bottling should reflect our ultimate quest – to keep making incredible whisky forever and ever.

We’ve named it Ardbeg Perpetuum and it’s Ardbeg’s past, present and future – bottled. Dr Bill Lumsden, our Whisky Creator, has taken inspiration from the differing styles of whisky his predecessors have created over the last 200 years…

Colour: Deep Amber.

Aroma: Mellow, rich and enticing, with the unmistakable Ardbeggian combination of tar, soot and pine resin. This leads into dark chocolate, treacle toffee, coffee grinds and a distant, nutty/ oaky note. A splash of water initiates a burst of fresh, briny sea-spray with a hint of salt, some linseed oil, and then some more of the classic Ardbeg pine resin/ lime top note. A remarkably fresh bouquet for such a peaty whisky.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and mouth-coating, slightly chewy.

Taste: Intense, robust peat smoke, savoury smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg, but also an incredible creamy, sweet vanilla/milk chocolate note, which soothes the palate.

The never-ending aftertaste sees more linseed oil (a hint of the Sherry Casks in the recipe), some creosote and tar, but understated, and always gentle.

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