Friday, July 17, 2015

Carnegie Porter is back

Carngegie Porter...$3.99 / 11.2oz
Rated 95/100 RateBeer
Swedish "Baltic Style Porter"
In 1992 CARNEGIE PORTER Class III was elected the World's Best Beer in its class [International Beer Festival, London, England]M.Jackson *** - **** World-Classic [Pocket Guide to Beer p.71] :
"Carnegie Porter has a big, dry burnt-tasting palate. Its vintage-dated editions, are a particular treat."

Carnegie Porter is a Swedish beer classic. It has been brewed since 1836 and the label which has undergone no change through the years is the oldest registered brand of all categories of Sweden. It's a black, top fermented Porter of 5.5 % alcohol/volume. with very rich flavors including strong roasted tones of chocolate character and lots of hop bitterness which both are balanced and softened by a degree of sweetness. There is a complex blend of fermentation aromas combined with a heavy but smooth body.

Carnegie Porter is also known as a vintage beer, it will improve by storage for 10 years and more. What happens is not a continued fermentation as in some live beers. Rather it is the same process as when a wine matures. After a year or two the taste will become very smooth and balanced. But above all the aroma will become even more rich and complex and in some respects similar to an old Madeira wine. The maturation will continue for many years and a 10 year old Carnegie Porter is a taste sensation which is at the same time extremely rich and extremely light.

The name Carnegie originates from David Carnegie Jr., third generation of a Scottish family , who chose to work as merchants in the Swedish harbor city of Gothenburg as an alternative to get their hands chopped off by Queen Mary Stuart in connection with royal feuds. His Porter brewery was the first industrial brewery in Sweden.

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