Thursday, April 20, 2023

8 Wired Acid Super Highway Sour DIPA Beer & Cucumber Hippy Hoppy Sour

8 Wired Acid Super Highway Sour DIPA Beer...$5.49 / 14.9floz can
Sour DIPA beer

Join us on our big wild beer journey, it begins with a hyper rush of sweetness overtaking bold punchy hops before turning off the main route towards a tart set of sour twisty flavor tunnels that invites to rethink our relationship to the traditional double IPA.
8.0% ABV

8 Wired Cucumber Hippy Hoppy Sour...$4.99 / 14.9floz can
4% ALC./VOL.
Our Hippy Berliner was such a success that we ebbed to consumer demand and brewed a special edition with the addition of cooling cucumber. Bursting with sweet cucumber notes, balanced by lemon peel and tropical fruits. On the palate this beer is puckering, but very refreshing, full of cucumber, citrus and balanced by light hopping, finishing very clean.

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