Saturday, November 5, 2022

Reservoir Distilling Holland's Milkman Bourbon

Very limited!
Reservoir Distilling Holland's Milkman Bourbon...$114.99
Holland’s Milkman:  about 5 years old
  • Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Aged for a minimum of 2-3 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks
  • Finished in an Ardent milk stout barrel for a further 2.5 years
Year 2022, Batch #6 = 15% Wheat, 70% Corn, and 15% Rye. Bottled at 107 proof. We have one limited release per year.
The milk stout that previously seeped into the bourbon-soaked wood has mingled and married with the blend of our whiskies, creating mouth coating, soul warming flavors of milk chocolate and toasty condensed milk.  When you pass a glass of the Milkman beneath your nose, notice the pipe tobacco and dark chocolate as the childhood memories of a Tootsie Roll tug at the back of your mind. Let your tongue dance with the touch of holiday mint and finally be lulled with the warmth of the final finish of lingering dark chocolate.

Reservoir Distilling Holland's Blade Rummer Bourbon...$114.99
  • 107 Proof
  • Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Aged 2 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks
  • Finished for 3 years in an 53 gallon rum barrel.
We're excited to announce that Holland's Blade Rummer has been awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition! This blended whiskey has soaked in some sugarcane sunshine and it's ready for release.

Year 2022, Batch #8 = 15% Wheat 70% Corn 15% Rye. Aged 2 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks and finished for 3 years in an 53 gallon rum barrel. Bottled at 107 proof. Less than 200 bottles available! Limited Time Offering.

With hints on the nose of rum funk, powdered sugar and a vanilla bouquet, and the lingering tastes of dark molasses, sweet peppers and a rush of heat and coffee, it’s easy to see how one can lose oneself in the romance of our next edition of Holland's Blade Rummer.

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