Friday, November 4, 2022

Silver Springs Sweet Rye Whiskey

Silver Springs Sweet Rye Whiskey....$32.99
  • Cask 15340
  • Yield 180 bottles
  • Bottled 10/24/22
  • Proof 110.99
  • Distilled in Kentucky
Mashbill: 65% Rye * 15% Corn * 20% Malted Barley
Early American settlers were guided to the pristine waters by the Sirens of the Silver Spring. From this spring the most delicious rye whiskey was created. With the addition of corn in the mash bill, Sweet Rye was born - a descendent of its spicy predecessors.
This special edition whiskey is bottled at cask strength.
Tasting Notes
The nose is molasses, burnt sugar, and toffee.
The palette is caramel, nougat and hot cinnamon candy.
The finish is spicy rye with a long dry finish.

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