Friday, April 1, 2022

Hartfield & CO. Bourbon County Distillery

Bringing Bourbon back to Bourbon County

    Prohibition took a toll on many things- agriculture, industry, economy. Prior to the instatement of The National Prohibition Act in 1919, there were at least 26 active distilleries in Bourbon County, Kentucky. After Prohibition, none of them reopened. Hartfield and Company is the first and only Bourbon Distillery in Bourbon County since those times, first opening in 2014, it has become our passion to preserve tradition, and carry on a legacy that has remained dormant for far too long.

Hartfield & CO. Bourbon Whiskey...$41.99 / 750ml

    Our Bourbon Whiskey is made from 62% Corn, 19% Rye, 19% Malted Barley. Most mashbills use somewhere between 5-7% Malted Barley. By pushing ours to 19%, it brings in some smoke, leather and deep tobacco notes into a what is a traditional Bourbon mashbill. We distill in batch around 115-120, which means that everything that comes off our still goes directly into the barrels. From there we use 6.3 gallon barrels with an aging time of 5-6 months. We give a nod to the idea of Bottled in Bond by bottling our Bourbon at 100 proof.

    The taste profile for our Bourbon is sweet and spicy, smokey and smooth. Deep flavors of stone fruits play on the front end with an incredibly long finish reminding most of an excellent Scotch Whiskey.

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