Thursday, March 31, 2022

Bordiga Centum Herbis

Bordiga Centum Herbis...$39.99 / 750ml

Region: Piedmont, Italy
Product Type: Herbal Liqueur
Primary Botanicals: Genepy, wild alpine peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus, chamomile, wormwood, fennel, lavender, nutmeg, cinnamon, and juniper
Botanical Source: Local are wild foraged between 500 and 1700 meters, with the majority above 800. Genepy, a protected plant, is the exception, and is cultivated above 2000 meters. Others sourced from Asia.
Finished ABV: 28%
Method of Production: Botanicals infused individually in organic neutral wheat spirit for 20-50 days. Alpine water and beet sugar added. Rested 20-30 days in stainless steel. Paper-filtered.

    Bordiga was started in 1888 by Pietro Bordiga, a bartender in Torino when the city was the epicenter of Italian spirts and cocktail culture. He decided to locate his distillery in the small town of Cuneo because it offered him a strategic position a little over an hour south of Torino, and also close to the Occitan Alps, where he was sourcing his wild botanicals. The climate there, influenced equally by altitude and proximity to the Mediterranean sea, creates herbs that are particularly rich in essential oils and aromas. His great-grandson, also named Pietro Bordiga, still lives above the distillery.
    Centum Herbis (translation: 100 herbs) is part of a group of Italian liqueurs called Centoerbe which are indigenous to the alps and other mountainous regions. Bordiga’s rendition, unique because of its lower ABV, defines itself with a brighter, more floral bouquet of aromatics. Genepy forward, and packed with mint and fresh green herb, it has a delicate finish and pairs well with a variety of spirits and other modifiers.

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