Thursday, March 31, 2022

Single Cask Nation - Epris 10yr Brazilian Rum


Single Cask Nation Epris Brazilian Rum...$109.99 / 750ml
One of 260 bottles!
  A rum for sipping next to a roaring fire. The fruit notes are warm and inviting while salted licorice and pipe tobacco frame the full experience. Maybe get those chestnuts roasting…
  • Distilled at Epris Distillery
  • Aged 10 years in 1st fill bourbon 
  • Hogshead - Cask # 113
  • Distilled - May 2011
  • Bottled - September 2021
  • Alc./ Vol. : 52.6%
Tasting Notes

Color: Bright copper

Nose: Warm pineapple upside-down cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, dusty church pews, pine sap, and hints of salted black licorice and pipe tobacco in the background

Palate: Oily and mouth coating, the salted black licorice really comes to the fore with accompanying hints of cherry pipe tobacco, as the layers build there’s pineapple core and tamarind paste

Finish: The fruit dissipates quickly but both the salted licorice and pipe tobacco remain for a good while, flavors from a recently downed espresso linger at the back of the throat

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