Friday, July 3, 2020

Boulevard collab with Side Project and Weldwerks

This is a BARREL AGED STOUT COLLAB with barrel aged stout experts....our friends at SIDE PROJECT BREWING

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Boulevard Brewing Let's Keep it Platonic BA Stout...$17.99 / 750ml
We're excited to unleash this Double Barrel-Aged Stout blend made with our friends at Side Project Brewing and Weldwerks Brewing Co. Together we brewed a collaboration base beer that was boiled for over 24 hours, a technique finely tuned by the talented folks at Weldwerks. We then blended the collaboration brew (a technique mastered by the wise crew at Side Project) with three other stouts to help layer and round out flavors, with the collaboration brew making up 65% of the final blend.

FLAVOR/AROMA:  Chocolate, fudge, espresso, bourbon, vanilla, viscous
ABV:  14.2%
BASE BEER HOPS:  Azacca, Columbus

BARREL AGING:  Double barrel-aged for 15 months in a variety of bourbon barrels

A blend of 4 separate barrel-aged stouts with completely different recipes.
- Triple mashed Side Project/Weldwerks collab stout | 40 plato | 65% of blend
- Double mashed stout | 38 plato | 15% of blend
- Double mashed stout | 35 plato | 10% of blend
- Double mashed stout | 32 plato | 10% of blend

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