Monday, June 29, 2020

Left Hand Mixed 12pk

Left Hand Mixed Pack...$15.99 / 12pk mix
  • Wheels Gose Round
  • Good Juju
  • Sawtooth Ale
  • Brewer's Test Kitchen Rose Brut IPA
Rose Brut IPA -- info on this limited release in the pack
From the Brewers: We wanted to make a chill AF, low ABV summer beer. Our goal was to create a light, crisp brew we could just keep drinking straight from the can while declaring, "Rosé all day!" This is that beer.

Tasting notes: Aroma of white grapes and a nearby strawberry patch. Light acidity and hop bitterness support its bright flavor.

Style notes: A fusion of two styles. We were inspired by the soft pink hue and easy drinking bubbles of a rosé wine and the dry, hoppy, champagne-inspired finish of a Brut IPA.

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