Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pina Saffron Threads First Grade

Pina Saffron Threads First Grade Jar..$14.49 (1 gram)

Saffron is the world's most expensive spice, so when you choose one, choose wisely. Piña saffron comes from selected farmers in La Mancha region of Spain. The highest color grade for this spice is 250 and Piña saffron has a grade of 250. It is picked directly from the flower and set to dry. Piña saffron is not adulterated with other parts of the flower, nor is there any addition of fake coloring.
In short, Piña saffron is of the highest quality, meaning it is very powerful and a “little goes a long way”. Prodoct from Pina are picked from the best flowers, with the best care into the best package.

Unlike saffron powder, You cannot just add saffron threads to your dish. The threads need heat to activate their flavor and color. You can lightly toast them on the stove, being especially careful not to burn them, soak them in hot water or soak them in drinking alcohol.

Ideal for paella, risotto alla milanese, mussels in saffron and to enhance any other of your favourite mediterranean dish.

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