Thursday, June 25, 2020

La Favorita Amarena Cherries

La Favorita Amarena Cherries...$10.99 / 10.58 oz
Each jar contains 10.58 oz (300gr) of Amarena Cherries in Freisa Wine DOC. The small, dark and highly sought after Amarena cherries bathed in Freisa Wine. Freisa is a red grape variety found in the Piedmont region, particularly Langhe, and is slightly sweet with an effervescent quality.
La Favorita produces delicious desserts prepared with only the best Aramena cherries enriched by the aroma and flavor of Freisa wine from the Langhe region.
It can be served with dessert or as a garnish on ice cream or pound cake. The flavors go very well with rich desserts and chocolate.

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