Friday, April 10, 2020

2019 Yes Way Rose

2019 Yes Way Rose...$12.99
At the heart of Yes Way Rosé is capturing the spirit of rosé wine, which symbolizes friendship, fun, and the best summertime vibes. A dream turned reality that started on @yeswayrose, we proudly now introduce our signature rosé: Yes Way Rosé.

Made in the south of France from classic Mediterranean grapes, Yes Way Rosé is an elegant Provençal-style blend with tasting notes revealing a bouquet of strawberry, citrus, and white peach. Dry and refreshingly drinkable, this light peachy-pink wine is a perfect match for a variety of different flavors. Yes Way Versatilité! Sip with all your favorite cheeses, grilled seafood dishes, and as a compliment to spicy foods. Yes Way Rosé is best enjoyed chilled to elevate any activity, from casual nights at home to picnics, poolside hangs, and big celebrations.

Yes Way Rosé wine was founded by Erica and Nikki, best friends who have set out to make delicious rosé that’s accessible to anyone who thinks pink. We like to say it’s qualité rosé that doesn’t take itself too seriouslé.

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