Sunday, April 5, 2020

Bur Oak Brewing -

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Bur Oak Lily Orange and Raspberry Fruit Ale...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz
Brewers Notes: Lily is a cream ale with orange and raspberry. Some say that it almost tastes like an orange dreamsicle. Full-bodied and smooth, Lily has a soft finish.
Style: Fruit Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 4.8%
Malts: Franco-Belgres, Cara Pilsner, Oats
Hops: German Hallertau Mittelfruh

Bur Oak Big Tree IPA...$9.99 / 6 pack CANS
Brewers Notes: Big Tree was brewed to honor Boone County’s champion Burr Oak tree. The Big Tree has withstood the test of time, at 350 years plus, this majestic tree has a canopy that stands 90 feet tall and the trunk is 7.6 feet in diameter. To pay homage to the Big Tree we designed this double India Pale Ale to the tree’s specification. The trunk diameter of 7.6 feet is our ABV and the height of 90 feet is the hop load of 90 IBU’s. Big Tree IPA may be big, but its mellow smooth flavor will delight and satisfy with the well balanced delivery of a significant hop presence.
Style: Double India Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 7.6%

Bur Oak Boone County Brown...$9.99 /6pk cans
Brewers Notes: Boone County Brown is a rich, brown ale that is easy to drink with a remarkably smooth finish. With a roasted malt character and notes of chocolate and coffee, Boone County Brown has a flavor that is beyond satisfying.
Style: American Brown Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%
Malts: Franco-Belges, Chocolate Malt, Kiln Coffee Malt, Cara-Munich
Hops: German Hallertau Mittelfruh

Bur Oak Clyde's Caramel Cream Ale...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Brewers Notes: Clyde’s Caramel Cream Ale is a silky cream ale. Clyde’s is named after our famous rescue cat who keeps a watchful eye on grain intruders. Mildly sweet with notes of caramel and vanilla, this cream ale has a luxurious mouth-feel, and a smooth, creamy finish.
Style: Caramel Cream Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.7%
Malts: Cara-Munich, Caramel 80, Oats
Hops: German Hallertau Mittelfruh

Bur Oak Old 63 American Pilsner $8.99 / 6pk
Brewers Notes: Old 63 is a crisp and refreshing pilsner you can drink all day. It has a great balance of hops, barley and corn.
Style: American Pilsner-Style
Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%
Malts: Pale Malt, Flaked Corn
Hops: Noble

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