Thursday, September 12, 2019

Side Project Shared Sulla Terra Barrel Aged Barleywine

BRC emails sent out this morning!

We got 60 bottles, so very limited!

Side Project
Shared Sulla Terra Barrel Aged Barleywine
13% ABV

Cory brought a surprise bottle to the Side Project Merci Framboise release party--we are always so lucky as he usually brings a surprise.  This time he brought Side Project Brewing Shared Sulla Terra Barrel Aged Barleywine for our customers to taste.  And yes, we will eventually get an allocation to sell at our stores - we had one barrel in the final blend.   Stay tuned for more info on our blog and social media.  

Watch for BRC release details - we will let you know when we have information on a date.  

It will be similar to Merci Framboise Release.  It will be based on Side Project Merci purchases since last September until Wednesday September 11th at 7pm.  We only have a few bottles left though.

Some reminders:

  • Very important - make sure you mention you are a member of the BRC everytime you checkout at the register.  Otherwise your purchases will not count for releases.
  • Your name will appear at the bottom of your receipt, if it does not then it will not be on your account.
  • You can still sign up for the BRC (Beer Reward Club), but your previous purchases do not count (we cannot add previous purchases to your account).
  • Only purchases after you are signed up in the BRC count towards the release.
  • Many people from the Merci Framboise release signed up after they purchased their Merci and we could not count those towards the release.
  • Many people also said they had purchased Merci, but they were not on their account, make sure you give your phone number every time you checkout!

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