Saturday, June 3, 2017

News, news and more news...

With all the re-modeling at Ballwin - we are falling behind, but intend to catch up this weekend --- If you have not been in the Ballwin store since we started the remodel go check it out and meet Adrian and ask him about what is coming.

Fun fact - noticed we should hit 4 million views on our blog before the end of the year.   Looks like we average about 88,000 views per month.   Thank you for your interest and support.  We will have to do another contest to guess when we will hit 4 Million!

On the to do list within the next 7 days for sure - hoping to get it all done this weekend.

Watch for BRC emails for 

  • American Solera Terroir Study  (emails sent)
  • American Solera The Ground is Shaking (emails sent)
  • American Solera Foeder Apricot (emails sent)
  • American Solera Bright Black Delight  (emails sent)
  • American Solera Eng-Yak  (emails sent)
  • Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Dogfish Head - Stone - Vicotry MAGNUMs
  • Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (emails sent)

Releases of these (most likely through WRC).  Remember most WRC releases are a weighted raffles based on previous 6 months purchases.  Pappy Van Winkle/ Antique Collection is based on 12 months purchases

  • Eagle Rare  (emails sent)
  • W.L. Weller Reserve Bourbon  (emails sent)
  • High West Yippee Ki Yay

35th Anniversary Tastings coming up ---
  • June 16 - Missouri Craft Spirit Tasting  - Forsyth Location
  • Mezcal Tasting - Ballwin location - watch for date soon
  • Amaro Tasting - Ballwin locaiton - watch for date soon
  • Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old Tasting - Ballwin location - watch for date soon
  • much much more...

Also some questions answered
Old Weller 107 Antique Bourbon our SINGLE BARREL - should arrive soon, this one will have to go through the WRC as last time we got a barrel we only got 125 bottles.  It will be very limited.

2017 Beer Fest - many have asked why we have not had it yet.  We pushed it back until the fall.  With it being our 35th Anniversary, we have some special beers coming and we wanted more of them to be released to be able to pour at the event.  

Side Project Merci #3 - it is bottled and conditioning.  Should be very soon.  Stay tuned - first crack will go through BRC.  

Crooked Stave TWCP Super Limited beers
To thank Crooked Stave for doing this for us--this one will go through the BRC with a heavy emphasis on purchases of Crooked Stave over the past 6 months up until the release.  Not sure if all will go based on Crooked Stave only, but Crooked Stave supporters will get first crack - we still have a lot of great Crooked Stave in stock right now too -- click here to order

We are told it could be here in less than 2 weeks!  I have not heard how many bottles but usually a barrel yields about 200 bottles.  

Crooked Stave did a Collaboration Beer for The Wine and Cheese Place 35th Anniversary - check out the back labels!

2 Beers!!!!
One in a Four Roses Barrel
One in a High West Barrel!

We purchased a whole barrel of High West Double Rye and sent them the High West Barrel that previously held this whiskey - click here

Crooked Stave DOUBLE BARREL AGED Salvador Cybies exclusively for The Wine and Cheese Place!
Belgian Style Dark Sour Ale Double Barrel Aged in a Single High West Double Rye Barrel with Colorado Cherries.
"Primarily fermented in oak foeders with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, Salvador Cybies has an unmistakable Belgian backed by a strong malt base. For our collaboration with The Wine and Cheese Place we've double barrel aged this one-off release in a single High West Double Rye Barrel with fresh cherries from our partner farmers on the Colorado wester slope. - Back Label


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

Any update on the two 13 year old Knob Creek private selections?

Paul Hayden said...

It is supposed to be very soon also, I will see if I can get a better ETA.

Paul Hayden said...

Right now the distributor shows August 11th? He said it might be sooner, but not sure. When we picked them, I was told it would be sooner than that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so Yippee ki yay is an WRC bourbon?
I was hoping to get it a bottle

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, it will. We got a lot less than we did last year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the Knob Creek