Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prunier Cognacs

Prunier Cognac V.S....$34.99
Amongst the different grades of cognac the VS quality is the youngest which can be sold after a minimum of 30 months in oak casks. For ageing the House of Prunier uses casks of 400 litres coming exclusively from the Limousin district and which are on average 6 to 8 years old.  Prunier VS expresses the freshness, the delicacy and the fruit of the different areas of the region. It is an excellent base for mixtures and is adapted to cocktail aromas.

Prunier Cognac VSOP....$43.99
Colour: Pale gold, shiny
Nose: At the beginning the nose seems almost ‘hidden’ then gradually there is an impression of extreme smoothness with tea aromas.
Mouth:the mouth is full of fruit ( mango) with a final smooth touch. “Easy” to drink this cognac combines the qualities of an after dinner drink and a cocktail base.

Prunier 20 Year Old Cognac...$89.99
During the XIXth century and uptil the 30s, vintages were an important part of the cognac trade. It is still possible to find old vintages coming from the House of Prunier in certain auction sales.In 1986 we decided to renew with this tradition and as we had cognacs which had been aged in cellars controlled by the Excise Authorities, we were able to prove the age of these cognacs.  So 20 year old is a revival from the past respecting the old traditions. Aged in damp cellars we let the cognac reduce naturally their alcoholic strength. When you leave nature to do its work you are always rewarded.

Prunier Cognac Family Reserve XO...$79.99
This blend dates from the 50s and my grandfather was particularly interested by the domination of the fruit flavours over the woody flavours. We blend, consequently, mostly cognacs which have been distilled with the ‘lies’. It is a cognac which has a lot of personality and pleases new comers to the cognac world as well as the experts thanks to the balance and the subtleties. The delicacy and distinction of this cognac overcome the strength.

Prunier Cognac XO....$163.99
This includes Cognac from the 1930s and 40s
Created by Jean Burnez, grandfather of the current President, in the early 1930s, the blend went by the name of ‘Patriarche’, befitting its character as a personal selection by the senior member of the family. While the base of very old cognacs aged in damp, cool cellars has remained unchanged over generations, each successive Master Blender has brought his personal touch to the final product with a small number of additional eaux-de-vie, while respecting the natural, rich and complex character of this great cognac. Jean’s son Claude developed a somewhat heavier style with a greater degree of wood, while Claude’s son and current master blender Stéphane prefers a slightly lighter, more modern style of cognac, with a little less oak, reflecting his wish to taste the eaux-de-vie rather than the barrels in which they have aged. Throughout these current and future evolutions, the Très Vieille Grande Champagne will remain one of the signature blends of Maison Prunier, a truly old and magnificent example of what the Cognac region’s premier cru is capable

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