Friday, June 9, 2017

Crooked Stave - The Wine and Cheese Place 35th Anniversary!

Thank you to Crooked Stave for doing this for us! 
We do appreciate it so much!

Emails sent out this morning!  
Thanks very much.   If you got an email it lets you know that you are still in the roughly top 200 in the BRC.  This gives you an idea for when we get our next single barrels from Side Project and others.

If you did not get an email, we will be tasting them tonight at Forsyth from 4-6pm.
More emails will probably go out if people turn down their allocation.

We have 3 beers!
The "original" version and 
our 2 single barrel versions!
Plus we have it at the growler station

Crooked Stave did a Collaboration Beer for The Wine and Cheese Place 35th Anniversary - check out the back labels!

2 Beers!!!!
One in a Four Roses Barrel
One in a High West Barrel!


We purchased a whole barrel of High West Double Rye and sent them the High West Barrel that previously held this whiskey - click here

Crooked Stave DOUBLE BARREL AGED Salvador Cybies exclusively for The Wine and Cheese Place!
Will be in 750ml bottles!

Belgian Style Dark Sour Ale Double Barrel Aged in a Single High West Double Rye Barrel with Colorado Cherries.
"Primarily fermented in oak foeders with our mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, Salvador Cybies has an unmistakable Belgian backed by a strong malt base.  For our collaboration with The Wine and Cheese Place we've double barrel aged this one-off release in a single High West Double Rye Barrel with fresh cherries from our partner farmers on the Colorado wester slope. - Back Label


Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand what is meant by "double barrel aged." Is the foeder the first barrel?

Paul Hayden said...

I think that is what they mean by it.