Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2nd Shift new CANS!

2nd Shift Brewing Little Big Hop Session IPA...$10.99 /  4pk 16oz Cans
4.9% ABV

We like drinking, but big beers can be overwhelming. We made Little Big Hop to provide a punch of hop aroma and flavor without killing your taste buds. This beer is stupid good -- Steve Crider

2nd Shift Brewing El Gato Grande IPA....$11.99 /  4pk 16oz CANS


Here's a big hoppy IPA that is done the way they shold be done and has about four truck loads of hops in it, although it's not very bitter at 62 IBUs. LOTS of Amarillo with a good bit of Citra and Columbus just for a good time.

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