Saturday, March 3, 2018

Servans Cotes du Rhone

One of our top moving Cotes du Rhone has returned!!! 
Now it is even better as they continue to increase the percentage of Syrah in the blend

New 2016 vintage
2016 Domaine de Servans Cotes du Rhone....$13.99
Vines average 40 years in age. The grapes are harvested by hand with a hand triage to select only the best quality grapes. 
Again in 2016 the Graniers decided to continue to increase the percentage of Syrah in their blend. This increase has given the wine added depth and concentration, without sacrificing balance in the wine. In the mouth, rich blackberry notes give way to red cherry and black pepper spice. Even with the increased percentage of Syrah, the tannins are very supple and round in the finish. This is a classic example of a Côtes du Rhône, ideal for backyard barbeque, burgers on the grill, or even pizza

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