Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Prairie Artisan Ales

Prairie Artisan Ales Ace...$8.49 / pint
For some time now, the talk has been about Prairie Ace and all things associated with the word Ace, disc golf, and how beautiful Sorachi Ace hops truly are. Prairie Ace is a dry hopped farmhouse ale, with a lot of attention to detail. When you crack one of these open after a long walk around a disc golf course, you will raise your glass in celebration of not only your disc throwing prowess but the vibrant hoppy brew before you. Prairie Ace takes the dry hopped saison style and adds house made candy sugar. I know what you’re thinking, but before you start thinking about candyland and disc shaped gumdrops, hear me out. When you get a hold of your Ace, you’re going to notice the citrus element. This lemon/lime punch is the right amount of bite that is kept in check by the addition of the candy sugar that creates the perfect dry base.

Prairie Artisan Ales "Berliner" Weisse...$8.99 / 4 pack
You might have previously enjoyed our next release, Prairie Weisse. This beer was too good to keep locked away in a keg. Our Prairie Weisse is a sour wheat beer in the style of a berliner weisse. Love sours? Never met a sour you liked? Prairie Weisse is for you either way. It’s light and crisp with enough sour to get those taste buds jumping, but not enough to lock your jaw. The malty follow up after the sour hit makes this brew approachable for those new to the sour game. 


Unknown said...

Is that Berliner weiss really $8.99/ 4 pack? It looks like a pint bottle

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, I took a picture from their website, might be wrong picture. It is 4pk 12oz bottles