Thursday, August 18, 2016

Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon

Our customers have been loving the Garrison - make sure you pick up a bottle or two.

Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Single Barrel Bourbon...$88.99
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is $104.99

We sell bourbon by the barrel through distributors and retailers in states where Garrison Brothers Bourbon is distributed. “Hand-selected by master distiller Donnis Todd” 

Corn: #1 Panhandle white
Corn Harvest: 2011
Farms: Dallam County
Distilled and Barreled: 2012
We received 10 cases and looks like we got a few different barrels.

Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$65.99
"This is a whiskey for people who love their whiskey strong. It’s got an aggressive kick that delivers powerful aromas on the nose of wood and vanilla. There’s a good amount of heat when you drink it as well, but we would expect nothing less from a whiskey made in Texas. It’s a very interesting whiskey that is well worth your time."

We just chose our own Single Barrel of Garrison today.  Said it should arrive in October.  Will update when it does.  We picked a 4 year old and it was delicious with a great nose of vanilla, coffee and some spice.  We tasted it at 130 proof, but it will be brought down to 94 proof (due to Texas state law, they eventually hope to sell us barrel proof).


Anonymous said...

Do you know if you will get the Cowboy bourbon by them.

Paul Hayden said...

I will check on it and let you know.

Paul Hayden said...

We should see it at some point, but they said it will not until 2017 sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking

Anonymous said...

Ok I did a little research and opened the bottle. If you haven't bought a bottle yet don't miss out.
Correct any of this info if it's wrong.
This is a very good whiskey. First off it's a 4 grain whiskey. I know it's not the first or only but I wasn't aware. So it's corn, barley, winter wheat, and rye. I know woodford did a 4 grain. Next it's a sweet mash. So it's a fresh mash everytime. So sour mash uses mash from the previous batch. Finally don't let the young age deter you. I like most all whiskies but young whiskies turn me away. Since its from Texas the weather ages the whiskey better than in other areas ( that's only my opinion).
I didn't want to share this because I wanted to make sure I could get another bottle. I'm having a dram right now and suggest that you do the same.

Brad Duncan said...

Thanks for enjoying our Bourbon. You make some great observations. I did want to correct that we are a 3 grain mash consisting of Texas Panhandle White Corn, Texas Two-row Winter Wheat and Barley. Our brutal Texas heat does work it's magic on the barrels and you will always enjoy full bodied flavor from our Bourbon. We are readily available and you can definitely pick more up when you run out so ENJOY!

Brad Duncan
Garrison Brothers Distillery

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's gonna be some good stuff. I saw your video and how you get volunteers to help bottle. I know it's not a 10,000 bottle weekend but maybe people from St. Louis can come help bottle the barrel. People need to check that video out.
So thanks for the correction and it's awesome that it's from the distillery. Since I've opened the bottles, I've been so excited to get home and have a glass.
I watched a couple reviews before I opened my bottles. I wish I could claim that info but I got it from a reviewer called the liquor hound. I thought he said it was a 4 grain. He had a 2013 vintage and also a 375 of the single barrel. He's on YouTube if you want to make sure the info he puts out is right. I thought he got it from a buddy and not from the distillery.
Great stuff and well worth the price. It's great to have it in St. Louis. Maybe in the future we can get some of the cowboy bourbon. Keep up the good work.
Please excuse any grammatical errors.