Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hitachino Anbai Ale "Salty Plum" and Orange IPA

Due to the holidays and space, beer orders must be picked up within 48 hours or they will go back out for sale.

Hitachino Anbai Ale...$4.49 / 11.2oz
Anbai literally means “Salty Plum” and the word is also used to describe the stat of taste and flavor. Ii Anbai means “just right”!
Hitachino Nest Anbai Ale is brewed based on the high alcohol version (7%) of the signature beer Hitachino Nest White Ale, infused with locally grown green sour plum (ume), and finished up with a pinch of Japanese sea salt (moshio). The balance of sourness, bitterness, comes from the plum and subtle saltiness, great umami taste of the sea salt is “Ii Anbai - just right!”

Mandarin Orange IPA
Hitachino Dai Dai Indigenous Pale Ale iPA..$4.69 / 11.2oz
HItachino Nest DaiDai is a very unique brew, “Kiuchi/Hitachino” philosophy with highly focused notes of orange/mandarin, quite dry in the finish.
Kiuchi Brewery uses a special, very rare type of orange called “Fukure Mikan”.

Malts: Floor malted Marris Otter Pale Malt

Hops: Tardif de Bourgogne [Origin and Description: Tardif de Bourgogne Hops is a natural variety from France. The USDA recieved their first sample in 1977, from the Institute of Hop Research, Pulawy, Poland. This variety is grown on limited acreage around the Alsace region. It is an aroma type associated with European Ales and Lagers. It is difficult to find on the market, and in commercial beers.
If you do come across some, try it out.] Hersbrucker Tradition

Spices: “Orange” Fukure Mikan Peel {Fukure Mikan is a wild mandarin orange with almost 1500 years of history and is only cultivated around Mt.Tsukuba near the brewery. Fukure Mikan stands for “very unique” in Japanese. Fuku is ‘symbol of happiness’ and Kure is ‘coming’ and Mikan is ‘orange’.Fukure Mikan means “Orange which will bring fortune happiness!”}

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