Friday, December 18, 2015

Side Project The Scribe release is very soon...

Update on The Scribe and Merci!
Cory stopped by with a bottle of Merci Volume II to taste.  Merci is fantastic, but he wants it to bottle condition for another month at least.   So it looks like The Scribe will be the next Side Project release at The Wine and Cheese Place.  It is in the queue now pending with Missouri registration, so it should be very soon!!!!  It is bottled and ready to go.  

The Scribe will be release through our BRC program base on Beer only purchases starting from October 12 until its release.

Side Project The Scribe 
13% ABV
Brewed 1/22/14
TWCP Elijah Craig 12 and Henry McKenna barrels and a Cabernet barrel.
The Scribe is the collaboration between Side Project and Perennial Artisan Ales. Its a huge, rich, soured Quad that was inspired by our favorited mead called The Heart of Darkness from Schramm's. It was aged in a Cabernet and bourbon barrels on black currants, sweet cherries and raspberries before being blended back and bottle conditioned... Drinks more like a mead or nice port than a beer!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you give your phone number each time you check out if you are a member of the BRC.

Side Project is having a big release this Saturday!!!
Releasing Dec. 19th, at noon, in the Perennial tasting room...

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