Saturday, October 3, 2015

Forsyth Location Cheese Feature: Roquefort Papillon

Forsyth Location Cheese Feature: Roquefort Papillon

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Roquefort Papillon Black Label
Sharp sheep milk blue from Roquefort, South of France. France's King of Blues . AOC, raw milk, it is spicy, tangy, crumbly and full of moisture. Papillon Roquefort takes 150 days to cure. Exquisite!   This exceptional Roquefort PAPILLON is characterised initially by its white paste and the generous streaks of intense blue in its broad and numerous cavities. 
In the mouth, its rich and flexible texture develops a delicious fondant accompanied by a typical balanced and long-lasting taste.
The TASTE NOIR - the summit of an art to be found at your cheesemongers such as The Wine and Cheese Place.

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