Thursday, October 1, 2015

BRC Release - 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla LSD!!

Emails sent!

Sent to the top 2nd Shift supports and the overall beer supporters.

If you got two emails, you can purchase up to 2 bottles if you like.

thanks very much!

2nd Shift Brewing / TWCP Barrel Aged Blueprint Coffee LSD with Vanilla....$25.99 / 750ml
Barreled 3/2015
Bottled 9/2015
Blueprint Coffee: Asdecafe of Guatamala
Vanilla: Lochhead Vanilla Madagascar Bourbon Grade
Barrels: Both Four Roses

Recommended consumption: within 3 months

We have 456 bottles that will be available.  Steve decided not to do a "non" coffee version of the vanilla.  He did both barrels with coffee.  

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