Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Perennial / 2nd Shift - Mon Ami

We have a decent supply, no limit

In stock now at Forsyth
Will get it transferred to Rock Hill later today
New Ballas on Thursday
Ballwin on Thursday

Perennial Collab with 2nd Shift Brewing Mon Ami...$10.99

Mon Ami is our collaboration with our good friends at 2nd Shift Brewing. We took a classic route on this as it is inspired by the great golden strong ales of Belgium. Its simplicity on paper--Pilsner malt, table sugar, German hops, hardened water, and yeast--belie its complexity in the glass. Mon Ami pours burnished gold with a tightly beaded white head. Aromas of pear, banana, and orange combine with spicy alcohol and Hallertau hops. With each sip, the alcohol grows with warming intensity. Midsip there is a clean residual malt sweetness before the rush of carbonation washes over the palate. Pear and alcohol linger in the finish. Pairs well with grilled salmon and triple crème Brie.

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