Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schlafly TIPA

Schlafly posted the label for the new Tasmanian IPA that is scheduled to come out in October.   From Schlafly's facebook page

Here is a post that Dan Kopman made on STLHops about the release schedule...
"Right now the plan is the three IPAs will each run for 4 months starting with TIPA in October. There will always be the chance of some overlap, retailers stocking up on bottles or kegs near to a transition and therefore having stock of the previous IPA and the new IPA. We may alter this slightly and run one longer than another depending on rate of sale and the amount of hops we have contracted for. Therefore:
TIPA - October to January
AIPA - February to May
XIPA - June to September "

Currently in stock at The Wine and Cheese Place is the AIPA!!

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