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Here are some selections at our Forsyth location, but all of our stores have some great cheese in stock now!

Here are some featured cheeses from our huge selection!
Pecorino Ginepro - Italy
A semi-hard sheep's milk cheese from Romagna bathed in balsamic vinegar and steeped in juniper and then aged in oak barrels. The apprearance is a dark reddish brown, often spotted with mold as it is not vacuum sealed. It is full-flavored with a hint of sweetness and the juniper is very subtle.

Pecorino di Fossa - Italy
A strong tangy cheese with some similarities to parmesan. In fact, it can be grated nicely over pasta for a stronger more assertive kick than parmesan. It is also used as a table cheese served with honey to create a nice tangy, salty and sweet experience.
Produced in Sogliano al Rubicone, a region of Romagna, this began accidentally when farmers hid their treasures in caves during the Saracen pirate raids of the 12th century. As per tradition, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and buried underground inside caves in mid August and dug up November 25 during the holiday of Santa Caterina. The cheese becomes deformed from its long stay underground yet it acquires exceptional fragrance and flavor.

Toma della Rocca -- Italy
(looks like a thicker version of Brillat Savarin)
What a gorgeous, creamy and rich cheese! 63% of butterfat goodness. A rich, creamy, mouth-filling blend of cow's, goat's and sheep's milks, Toma della Rocca hails from the Alta Langa region of Piemonte, Italy where soft mixed-milk cheeses are the norm. Aged about 8-10 days, it has a bit of runniness under a thin rind with a thick, chalky, slightly sour core. Its luscious creaminess has hints of saltiness and lemon in the finish. Thicker texture than a Brillat Savarin or St. Andre and much richer and tangier. This cheese had a great intense flavor that goes a long way.

StraCapra - Italy
(basically Goat Cheese Taleggio)
From our favorite Taleggio producer, comes an excellent and unique cheese: StraCapra, is a washed-rind semi-soft goat cheese essentially a goat's milk Taleggio. Goat's milk cheeses are becoming ever more popular in Italy and Ambrogio's StraCapra is a true standout. Creamy and sweet, it is rich and full bodied with a mellow tanginess. It is a really nice new Italian cheese to add to any cheese board. This one is selling fast and will not last and looks like it will sell out on Saturday.

Nocetta di Capra - Italy
Nocetto di Capra is a soft-ripened goat cheese from Lombardy, Italy. It is made form milk from Orobica goats, which are indigenous to Bergamo. The cheese is sweet, well balanced and like velvet on your tongue. Wow, this cheese is delicious, and it is even a little young right now. It is going to get better over the next week!!! It melts in your mouth and will continue to get creamier by the day.

Malvaroso - Spain
Back in stock!
This is a relatively new cheese to the country. We have carried it before and customers loved it! It is an aged Sheep's milk cheese from Spain. It has a unique shape because of the ageing process in the cheesecloth. It is made from a rare and native breed of sheep, the Guirra, in Valencia, Spain (this cheese basically helped save this breed from extinction). Malvarosa was designed to be similar to Manchego but it turned out much more firm and stronger. The flavor is buttery and rich and has a sweetness on the finish. It reminds me of the 5 year old Gouda with that nutty, maple, sweetness (but not quite as sweet as that). Malvaroso would be great sliced wafer thin on pasta or on salads (don't grate it, use a cheese place).

Cabra Romera - Spain
A semi-soft goat's milk cheese produced by Don Lorenzo in Murcia, Spain. The same producer of the extremely popular Drunken goat. It is made from the rich, creamy milk of the Murciana goat (this goat is chosen for its quality and great milk production). The cheese is then covered with loads of fresh rosemary and aged for roughly 90 days. It is creamy and silky smooth, with a very clean finish that hints of rosemary. This cheese looks great on a cheese tray and tastes great!

Juni - Italy
Juni is a new one to us, it cow's milk from the great Piemonte region of Italy. What makes it unique is that it has dried Juniper berries through the whole cheese! Tasting this cheese makes you feel like spring is here from taste of the juniper berries. Small wheels with a white paste specked with juniper. Give this new cheese a taste and see what you think.

Capuccetto Rosso - Italy
This "Little red-riding hood" is a cow's milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy. It has a washed rind and is soft with a strong flavor.

"Produced exclusively from raw cow's milk from 20 local farmers, each owning just a few cows, Cappucetto Rosso is handmade according to an ancient recipe that uses natural fermentation. The noble molds that grow on each of these cheeses are indicative of its exceptional quality and craftmanship. Each piece spends 60 days adorned by the bark of the red fir tree, which imparts the intriguing combination of intense, decisive flavors, with a subtle earthy finish."

Foglie di Noci - Italy
A rare cheese from Romagna, Italy. It can be made from either Sheep's milk or cow's milk, with the sheep's milk being the better of the two. We just got in a batch of the Sheep's milk version. The cheese is wrapped in walnut leaves and aged in caves. It has a nice tangy flavor with hints of walnuts from the leaves. A great table cheese to serve with fruit like pears, nuts (walnuts of course) and a glass of Gavi di Gavi or a nice white Bordeaux.

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