Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stuffed Peppadews/Olives

Two of our most popular items in the deli....
Come in and ask for a taste of these treats!

Olives Stuffed with Cheese
These olives are stuffed with a blend of creamy goat's milk and sheep's milk cheeses. Great for picnics, snacks, garnish for cheese platters and great on antipasto trays. Get a bottle of wine, some cheese, stuffed olives, stuffed peppadews, crusty bread and you have a great lunch.

Peppadews Stuffed with Cheese
(sold by the pound in our deli department)
"Exotic, piquant, slightly sweet, delicious peppers are filled with fresh cheese made from pasteurized milk and placed in exquisite vegetable oil to offer the connoisseur a refreshing flavor with a strong and crunchy bite.

What is a Peppadew?
"The story of peppadew sweet and spicy fruit is not a long one. A few short years ago, the story goes, a businessman farmer spotted an unusual-looking bush in the garden of his vacation home in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Standing shoulder-high, it was laden with small bright red fruit which looked like something between miniature red peppers and cherry tomatoes. He bit into one and discovered a mixture of peppery and sweet tastes, with a distinctive flavor. Believing that he had discovered something new, he saved seeds from the mother plant, cultivated seedlings and then developed the recipe with which to process the fruit for commercial sale (using a brine of sugar and vinegar). He named the fruit Peppadew because as it peppery but also “as sweet as the dew.”
The peppadew has a sweet-and-sour aroma that carries through on the palate. Sweet, sharp, savory and spicy flavors with a hot back note. It is made in both mild and hot varieties. Both have the crisp texture of the more familiar hot peppers, but with a totally different flavor profile (the seeds are removed, for one thing).
Peppadews are, in fact, peppers—the company calls them “sweet piquanté peppers in a sweet/sour brine solution.” Peppers are a fruit—a fruit is defined as a vegetable that holds its seeds internally (avocados and cucumbers are fruits too, as are all of the chili peppers). The particular species of pepper is believed to be a native of Central America but where this particular bush came is a mystery. Whatever its origins, no one looks a gift horse—or a gift bush—in the mouth: the peppadew has turned into the tastiest and most versatile flavor accent since the gherkin."

Info from the Nibble

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